Many of the sites we build are membership-based or internally available to client organizations, thus not accessible to the public. Here are links to some accessible recent projects.


Dynamic Sites

₿ Commerce

₿ Commerce

MLM Platforms

MLM Platforms

Bitcoin Pam

A fun site for introducing Bitcoin and sharing resources, news and more. Insightful blogs and extensive Q&A section for newcoiners.

Kung Fu Plaza Thai & Chinese Restaurant

KungFu Plaza Restaurant is who you call when in Las Vegas, Nevada for the best authentic Thai & Chinese food! Order over 400 items online for delivery almost anywhere in the city – all your favorite dishes! This custom eCommerce site accepts BITCOIN.
Website + MLM Platform for Cryptocurrency Demo

Demo of front-end website build, custom functionality, graphic design, content creation, PHP bootstrap theme platform for MLM with cryptocurrency payment gateways and custom functionality for binary matrix operations.
Online Wellness Platform

Not all projects are crypto-related and this one is included because of the complexity demonstrated in the development of multi-functional, custom platforms.