Temporary Webmaster

$125.00  /  0.00652 Ƀ

Standard Hourly Rate

Note: The minimum time is one-hour. Time purchased that exceeds one-hour, but not needed, will remain “on account” for future needs. Should additional time be required, notification will be sent and work resumed upon remittance of additional funds.  Refunds are not issued for any reason.

Fast, Expert Assistance

There are many clients who need a temporary webmaster for normal WP website core/plugin/theme update services that are time-consuming and require a level of expertise not available in-house. Commission webmaster time by-the-hour to get the assistance you need.

Response time is usually less than 2 hours during daytime hours, including weekends – but retainer clients get top priority over temporary client needs. Turnaround time varies depending on current production schedule and scope of work.


Select specific service(s) needed vs. normal WP site maintenance.
Prices below are added to 1-hour minimum rate.
Increase QTY for additional hours needed.