Website Maintenance Plan

Webmaster Service Plan

$5.00 / month  /  0.00026 Ƀ

Approx. 4-6 hours a month to perform updates, backups, delete spam and monitor security. Fixing issues that arise during updates are included, and service begins immediately. Just one issue or conflict could easily cost more to assess and fix!

70% discount off standard rate of $125/hr.

Webmaster: Person who creates, manages, and maintains one or more web-servers and websites; has specialized developer skills.

Inclusions for existing WordPress sites:

  • WP core updates
  • WP plugin updates
  • WP theme updates
  • Conflict resolution
  • Security monitoring
  • Malware scans
  • Firewall configurations
  • Database optimizations
  • Offsite backups (daily mySQL _ weekly files)

Not updating can cause a serious threat to the security and functionality of your website and will lead to the potential of attacks by hackers. Not knowing when to update following core releases can break your website. You have two choices when thinking about how you’re going to maintain your website. You can go the do-it-yourself route or hire someone to maintain it for you. If your site is hosted on the EMG servers, regular maintenance is not optional – it is required for the integrity of the server. Keep in mind, it takes at least 100 hours to learn the intricacies necessary for managing a WP site. Even if you do become familiar with the requirements, there’s no guarantee you’ll know what to do if conflicts break your site.

This plan will ensure your site is kept up-to-date, secure, and backed up in case of disaster. If an update goes “south” and conflicts arise, an experienced webmaster will identify and fix the issues immediately under this plan. Updates are performed first on a development server – then on live client sites. This is a maintenance plan and does not include revisions to content, the creation of new content, changes to the design, or installation of new functionality.

No refunds are issued for unused time for any reason. Any unused time is rolled over and accumulated for times when the average per month is exceeded. Subscriptions to this plan may be paused or canceled at any time in your account settings.

Website URL Address

Please provide website URL and create a new user if none exists for:
Username = webmaster
Password = runway12$1890

  • An even greater discount is offered to clients that have multiple websites. This applies to websites on other domains or subdomains with full, separate WP installations. 

    • 200 $
    • 200 $
    • 200 $

    Create username: webmaster with password: runway12$1890

    Create username: webmaster with password: runway12$1890

    Create username: webmaster with password: runway12$1890